Thursday, January 18, 2007

Keep A Breast: Creative Fundraising for a Cause

The Keep A Breast Foundation is a nonprofit organization that creates plaster casts of women's breasts which are customized by fine artists and auctioned off to raise money for breast cancer. Their mission is to, "produce art events that increase breast cancer awareness among young people and benefit breast cancer education, prevention and treatment programs in communities around the world."

In 2007, Keep a Breast will be a part of the Warped Tour, and Think Pink Day (put on by Roxy). Their Warped Tour/Girlz Garage event will include an eBay auction, and a This is My Story campaign. You can see photos of the casts here, and a couple more photos of casts in Jill Midthun's Gallery on Blog for a Cure.

Photo Credit: "Lucy McLaughlin" with permission from Keep a Breast.

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