Thursday, February 15, 2007

How Are Green Businesses & Nonprofits Using the Social Web for Marketing?

You were all so helpful with posting your favorite nonprofit blogs to help me prepare for a talk I'll be giving at the Professional Development Conference for Nonprofits sponsored by the United Way of Kern County that I thought I'd ask for your ideas again!

I will also be talking with students in a marketing class at The New College of California's Green MBA program about how nonprofits and green businesses are using the social web for marketing. I have some examples that I often use, but would love to hear some of your favorite examples of nonprofits, NGOs and green businesses that are using the social web (i.e. blogs, podcasts, vlogs, wikis, news aggregation, social networking, social bookmarking) for marketing.

Just like last time, I'll send the first person to send me links to five examples a Have Fun * Do Good tote or mug.

Thanks for your help!

Photo Credit: Symmetry by Petra Broda.


  1. Hi Britta.

    Here are some sites from New England you might find interesting:

    In the non-profit realm, New England Foundation of the Arts' is a great social network that allows working artists and venues to connect.

    From the Fishhouse is a non-profit audio archive where emerging poets can record & post their work (the Fishhouse is based right here in Maine!)

    There are a couple local mom & pop places here in Maine that are even starting to use the social web in small ways:

    Here's an example of local, organic Hachet Cove Farm, using Green Parenting Podcast/Blog to gain visibility for their family-owned farm.

    At FW Horch (a sustainable goods supply store) users can submit their own entries for the online Sustainable Living Handbook.

    The owners of Maine Solar House incorporate both a Solar Forum (must register as a member to view) and a Solar Podcast into their website.

  2. Hi Josephine,

    These are great! Thank you so much. Why don't you send me your mailing address at britt AT brittbravo DOT com and I will send you a Have Fun * Do Good tote or mug. Your choice.



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