Monday, September 10, 2007

Be the Change! Share The Story! School Video Contest

Teachers! Dig out that camcorder 'cause Quantum Shift TV has launched a video contest with social impact for students in the U.S. and Canada grades one through twelve: Be the Change! Share the Story! School Video Contest.

Student teams will work on social or environmental projects of their choice and document their progress in a series of two short videos. The first video, introducing the team's project, must be uploaded to by December 15, 2007. The second, reporting on the project's execution and results, is due by March 31, 2008. Teams will be ranked based on Web metrics such as number of views on their videos, viewer ratings, puzzles completed and social network activity.

In May, the 25 top-ranked videos in each age category will be reviewed by a panel of 21 celebrity judges including Paul Hawken, Kenny Ausubel, Eric Utne, Van Jones, Howard Rheingold, Lynne Twist, Simran Sethi and John Wood.


  1. Fabulous, Britt. I'll pay it forward and post it pronto. Also, that 'celebrity list' saves me serious time seeking viable role models for our new monthly profile "People Shaping Youth" in positive ways, so thanks for that, too!

    In a similar vein, students are spearheading a network to create global '08 Earth Day concerts streamed online in "LiveEarth" style with local bands and green-minded students uniting all over the world to benefit the cause! Inspired by their teacher in Korea (using Ning/social media) they now have a hub called the Global Cooling Collective sharing ideas and ways to mobilize the concerts in schools/countries around the globe! (The "Generation Yes Blog" tipped me off to this one)

    p.s. Enjoyed your "women warrior" interview too, fun...Word has it your pal Jory is speaking at "Ladies Who Launch?" You attending?

  2. Yup, Jory will be speaking at their San Francisco event on October 26:


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