Friday, September 07, 2007

A Little Press for Moi

Anna Gordon of the Warrior Momma blog was nice enough to e-interview me about my work recently. She asked some pretty self-reflective questions--you can tell she is a coach! I enjoyed the process of answering them and hope you enjoy reading them.

A while back I was also interviewed by the East Bay Monthly, a small, neighborhood paper where I live, about carbon offsetting. When they called me to ask if they could take my photo near the BART I said sure. Little did I know I would be standing on the BART platform beneath a light stand as people streamed off the train during the afternoon commute. Embarrassing! The photographer also asked me if I would hang from a tree! I said no way. I am grown woman and am not going to be photographed hanging from a tree. Yeesh. You buy a couple carbon credits and people think you're Julia Butterfly Hill.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Britt, I found your Blog via Vale of Evening Fog blog, and am just getting to know it. I read your interview, especially attracted to it initially by your comment about the questions being from a life coach, not haven made the investemnt to work with one, but convinced of their benefits. So I found your background interesting and some of your answers similiar to my own. Posing those same questions to myself about my new Creative Writing endeavor Write On! and my blogs, certain things became clearer to me. Thanks for inspiration and clarity. Stop by and visit if you get a minute.
    Amy from Mediterranean Views

  2. Hi Amy,

    Thanks for reading Have Fun * Do Good. Can you include a link to your blog so I can check it out?



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