Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Peace Primary by the Ploughshares Fund

Peace Primary Blog AdThe Plougshares Fund is celebrating its 25th anniversary by sponsoring the Peace Primary. 12 organizations are in the running to win $100,000 to amplify their message during the 2008 election. You can vote for your favorite organization by making a donation to them through the Peace Primary site. One of your dollars equals one vote, and the organization with the most votes by October 31 wins. It is ok, and encouraged, to vote for more than one organization.

You can pick up a button or badge (like the one above) on the Peace Primary site to promote the contest on your blog, web site or email.

Brown-eyed Girl voted and posted an, "I Voted for Peace" badge on her blog.

Wendy is spreading the word for people to vote for the Genocide Intervention Network through her MySpace blog.

Women's Action for New Directions put out a call for votes on their blog writing, "(WE need your support. WAND operates on a shoestring and some tape. You should see our office. Seriously. Not that I'm complaining. I love working here, but if those shelves above my head ever fall down, I'm a goner: books and videotapes smack on my head. Just to give you the idea...)"

I hope this contest gets a lot of press to re-establish the importance of human rights and peace for the next administration, and to shine a light on the important work these organizations are doing.

Here are the nominees:

American Friends Service Committee

The Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation
Citizens for Global Solutions
Faithful Security
Genocide Intervention Network
Global Green USA
National Religious Campaign Against Torture
Peace Demands Action
Refugees International
True Majority
Union of Concerned Scientists
Women's Action for New Directions

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