Thursday, June 01, 2006

Back From the Net2 Conference

The last week has been all about getting ready for, and going to, the NetSquared Conference (thus no new blog posts since last Thursday), but I'm back home now and getting back into a normal schedule. Because I was supervising volunteers and doing other work during the conference, I didn't get to go to many sessions, but I was able to sit in for part of the, "Distributed Grassroots Marketing Team: Letting Your Community, Advocates, Evangelists, and Fans Do the Heavy Lifting" panel with Elisa Camahort, Tara Hunt, Chris Messina and Marnie Webb (as the moderator), and part of the, "Gender and the Social Web: New Tools, Same . . . Stuff?" panel with Catherine Geanuracos, Christine Herron, Fran Maier, Lisa Stone and Susan Mernit (as the moderator).

In the first panel, Elisa talked about using a blog as a marketing tool, and Tara talked about her 5 Principles of Pinko Marketing:

1. Have more Inbound messages from your audience than Outbound messages to your audience.
2. Be a Community Advocate, not a Company Evangelist
3. Be 100% Authentic
4. Serve a niche market
5. Follow Open Source principles. Let your audience grow and create your product.

I'd seen Tara wow the audience when we were on a Blogging for Business panel together, but I'd never seen Elisa (or Lisa) from Blogher speak before, and I was super impressed. Now I'm really excited to go to the Blogher Conference!

A couple things stood out from the Gender talk. 1. Design plays a big factor in what makes a web site attractive to women. This doesn't mean it needs to be pink, but it does need feel like a safe place for women to communicate without fear of harassment. 2. There needs to be more tech training for women, and I would add, for girls.

One place in San Francisco that I know is providing tech training for girls is GirlSource's Technology and Leadership Program. The program gives girls training and paid employment working nine hours a week for 15 weeks on the web site.

If you are interested in hearing the talks from these panels, or any of the NetSquared Conference sessions, we'll be posting recordings of the sessions on the Net2 podcast over the next couple weeks. Plus Link TV was there documenting a lot of the conference as well.

In a strange coincidence, my husband was hired to record sound for Link TV during the conference, so we got to spend the two days together.

It can be dangerous to believe in fate, but I did feel like I was in the place I was supposed to be when he was there to share it with me 7 years to the day we first met.

Tara Hunt photo by
Photo of moi by Billy
Photo of Blogher founders (Lisa Stone, Jory Des Jardins & Elisa Camahort) and my hubs by me.


  1. "1. Have more Inbound messages from your audience than Outbound messages to your audience."

    Can you elaborate a bit?


  2. Sure! My understanding of the idea was that you want to focus on a marketing plan that brings in feedback, ideas, comments and actions from your audience rather than on the messages that you will be sending out to your audience. In other words, the focus is on empowering and listening to your audience rather than telling them what you want to do.


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