Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Nonprofit Blog Highlight: Global Fund for Women

"I want to ask all of you, and those not here with us, to imagine yourself in that situation, wondering, why your life is not important enough for decisive action to end the violence, to end the supply of arms to militias, and to end military aid that is used against innocent populations."

That's an excerpt from a speech given by Muadi Mukenge the Global Fund for Women's Program Officer for Africa, at the Darfur Day of Conscience. It was turned into a post for the Global Fund for Women's blog.

The Global Fund for Women is a grantmaking foundation that supports women's human right's organizations all over the world. Their blog includes excerpts from speeches, messages from their Executive Director, Kavita Ramdas, and letters from grantees.

I thought this letter from grantee, Dr. Naba S. Hamid, the Founder and Director of New Horizon for Woman, was particularly moving:

"To all sisters and to all friends,

What you hear from the media is little of the chaotic situation in Iraq. The reality is more tragic in Baghdad; killing and kidnapping take place day and night. No one feels safe anywhere. I have lost many relatives and friends.

Iraqis have lost security and are still losing everything that enables life. For days we are without electricity in hot and humid weather. Just now, while I'm writing this to you I can hear a nearby explosion. I guess it is no further than a few hundred meters of my place. I can hear ambulances running and US helicopters flying at a very low height.

My people have lost hope and faith in everything. I don't know how to tell my students that there is a future for them and that one day they can live like other youth in the world.

I love my garden very much. Now, the Gardenia trees are blooming full of white scented flowers. I leave those lovely pure white flowers to die in the sun. I used to put vases full of these flowers in every room of my house. I even took some to my classroom and lab. I don’t do this anymore. What happened to me?

Peace and hope.

Dr. Naba S. Hamid"

"Woman and Children" from Wafaring Stranger's Flickr Stream. The image has a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license.

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