Thursday, June 08, 2006

Net Neutrality & Darfur: Two Reasons to Call Your Rep. Today

Called my Representative, Barbara Lee, this morning for two reasons:

1. According to, "Within 24 hours, the full House of Representatives is expected to vote on whether to protect Internet freedom." For more information about Net Neutrality, check out the post I wrote about it in April.

They are asking for you to call the national and local office of your Representative and ask them to support Net Neutrality, and to vote "no" on the COPE telecommunications law if it doesn't include Rep. Ed Markey's Net Neutrality Amendment.

They have some good tips for when you call:
1) If the staffer is making a tally of constituent calls, make sure they have a category specifically for "Vote no on the COPE telecom law if it doesn't protect Net Neutrality." Otherwise, your representative may get a diluted message and miss the point.

2) If they ask for more details, you can urge your representative to support Rep. Ed Markey's Net Neutrality amendment. And if that amendment fails, they should vote against the entire bill.

3) If you get a voicemail option, leave a message. They will get it.
2. According to, "Later today the House of Representatives will vote on whether or not to provide critical funding for humanitarian aid in Darfur."

They are asking that you call your Representative today and ask that he or she vote for the Obey/Hyde/Lantos amendment which would add $50 million in humanitarin aid in Darfur.

They provide a sample script for your call:

Hi, this is [NAME] calling from [CITY/TOWN]. I'm calling to ask Congressman/woman _____ to support the Obey/Lantos/Hyde Amendment to add $50 million dollars for humanitarian aid in Darfur. Do you know if [HE/SHE] will vote to help provide this crucial aid to the million of men, women, and children displaced by the genocide in Darfur?

If yes:

That's great news. Please thank [HIM/HER] for me and let [HIM/HER] know that I'll tell my friends and family that [HE'S/SHE'S] supporting this important cause.

If no, or don't know:

[ONLY IF NO] Do you know why not?

[EITHER WAY] Please let [HIM/HER] know that these programs are keeping millions of families alive and safe. Please ask [HIM/HER] to do everything [HE/SHE] can to ensure that humanitarian aid life support system remains intact. If possible, I'd like a written response explaining [HIS/HER] vote. Thank you for your time.

If you would like to contact your representive about either of these issues, you can find their contact information at

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  1. I called my congressional rep. on Thursday and again on Sat. and the intern couldn't say if my rep. knew about the amendment.


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