Thursday, May 03, 2012

Jocelyn Harmon: People, Words, Technology & Truth: How I Have Fun, Do Good

 My second guest blogger in this run of the Have Fun, Do Good guest post series is the warm and wonderful Jocelyn Harmon. Jocelyn is passionate about helping nonprofits to succeed online so that they can change the world! As Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Network for Good, she is privileged to lead the team to help over 5,000 nonprofits raise more friends and funds online. Prior to joining Network for Good, Jocelyn was Director of Business Development for Care2, where she worked with some of the most respected national nonprofits, including ASPCA, Environmental Defense Fund, The Carter Center, Legacy and IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) to help them acquire new donors, members and advocacy supporters online.   Jocelyn is also a recognized blogger and speaker on online marketing and fundraising. You can read her writing in Fundraising Success magazine and her personal blog, Marketing for Nonprofits. Finally, she serves on the board of directors for NTEN (Nonprofit Technology Network). Jocelyn has a bachelor's degree in literature from New York University and a master’s degree in sociology from University of Washington. You can follow Jocelyn on Twitter at @jocelynharmon.

“I like people, words, technology and telling the truth.”

This is the headline of my Twitter account and accurately expresses what makes me happy and keeps me in “flow.”

Developing deep, engaging, inspired and inspiring relationships with my nearest and dearest is one of the great joys of my life.

I also LOVE being a connector, coach and mentor to others and helping them to succeed.

Words are another passion of mine. For me there is nothing like the thrill of curling up in bed with a book or polishing off a (hopefully good) blog post. It sounds “old-school” but I love to go to my local library every Saturday to wander up and down the stacks. If I'm honest, my hope is that weekly practice will spontaneously ignite the manifestation of my own memoir! Another big treat is for me is Amazon Overnight Delivery. Seeing that box on the deck after a long day of work is like magic!

Expressing my love for technology is not totally accurate. While I’m often glued to my iPhone or Mac (ask my husband and daughter), more than the devices themselves, I love the PROMISE that technology offers. Access to new and diverse individuals. The opportunity to create and be creative with little cost. Instant connection to unlimited knowledge and ideas! All of these benefits energize me and (for all of it’s challenges) I feel privileged to live with technology and in the Connected Age.

Finally, telling the truth or living an authentic life, keeps me having fun and doing good. Being honest with myself and others is critical to my happiness. And, I’m on a quest to live a more authentic life every day by staying in touch with my deepest truths, accepting (even loving) my imperfections and asking for help.

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