Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Christine Egger, In Conversation: How I Have Fun, Do Good

 The third blogger in this run of the Have Fun, Do Good guest post series is the wonderfully wise, Christine Egger.  Christine is a facilitator, network weaver, and catalyst. She works with individuals and organizations whose mission is to increase our capacity for empathy, generosity, and creativity. You can learn more about Christine at, or find her on Twitter at @cdegger.

How do I have fun and do good?

I create conversations.

In my experience the most fun, most good-doing conversations are the kind in which the participants not only learn about themselves and each other, but actually become themselves in the process. I come away from them feeling changed, like some part of me shifted into something that’s, well, more me. And the others involved do too, whether they’re individuals or organizations or projects or whatever.

Sometimes – not always – the connection is prescribed and there’s a goal involved. Something we’re “conversing for the purpose of.” It might be as simple as catching up with a friend. It might be as complicated as bringing many companies (or countries!) together to see whether there might be untapped opportunities for them to partner in new ways.

In between?

Room. To meander. To be surprised. To follow impulses and question-threads and then circle back and follow another.

And acceptance. Of who and what we are when we show up. Of what we discover about ourselves and each other. Of the new who and what we become as we explore.

The word conversation has come to primarily mean an exchange of words and ideas. But I’ve found the most-fun-and-most-good-doing kind aligns best with the word’s origins. In late Middle English, and before that Old French, and before that Latin, conversation meant “living among, keeping company with, being with.”

Those are the kinds of conversations I love. Where the participants are living among. Being with. Feeling simultaneously accepted and invited-to-change. Given room. And generating words that ring true, and ideas that resonate.

It’s practically impossible to have that kind of conversation and NOT have fun and do good. ☺

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