Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Meg Worden, Feed Me Darling : How I Have Fun, Do Good

The fourth blogger in this run of the Have Fun, Do Good guest post series is the delicious Meg Worden (I say delicious because I love her e-cookbook, Salad Alchemy). Meg is a writer, speaker, storyteller and a certified Holistic Health Coach. She is the founder of Feed Me Darling, a business that helps professional women eradicate food cravings and gain lasting control over emotional eating. Meg works with clients to heal and balance their bodies so that they can do their best work in the world. She writes for Elephant Journal, The Nervous Breakdown, Jack Move Magazine and has been published in a variety of other places both online and in print. She is also a registered yoga teacher and plans to have a finished memoir project by the end of this year. You can connect with her at and on Twitter @megworden.


During a nutrition summit last year in New York, I was listening to Deepak Chopra speak (which was awesome), and he was talking about different kinds of happiness. Some choices give you pleasure in the short term and some choices give you long term fulfillment. And the fastest way to long term fulfillment is to seek the happiness of others, he said.

The idea that pleasure is more deeply inherent in service than selfishness thrills me. Doing good is fun. And it’s a sweet life to have been able to turn service into a supportive business model. My work as a Health Coach is deeply rewarding. And incredibly fun. I get to talk to brilliant women all day long. There is always a lot of laughing. And witnessing of miracles.

Also, I am a writer, storyteller, and part time editor of other people’s novels. Story is incredibly important to me. It is both integrated into my coaching practice, and spilling over the edges in its own lovely world. Learning how to tell a personal story is a powerful tool for healing. Or more accurately, learning that we can tell our own story. That we don’t have to be chained to the singular story of suffering looping around in our mind. We can rewrite it as a beautiful adventure anytime we like. And then when we take it to the world, sharing a story is a direct pathway to human connection, open heart to open heart.

Really, this is only the tip of a very long fun/good list that would include spending time with my tough and tender little boy, taking him to museums, restaurants, parks, the climbing gym, letting him ride his bike to his friend's house. I love how he comes home smelling like fire and mud. Music, walking, running, happy hour with girlfriends, yoga, living by the ocean, and the way the internet bends time and space so I can meet people anywhere at anytime. Supporting art and artists, writers and books. Reading. Feeding people. Breathing…


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