Monday, November 05, 2012

Express Yourself: Image + Text = Internet Gold

If you were on Facebook after the first Presidential debate, you saw a flood of Big Bird images overlaid with captions. The same thing happened with "Binders full of women." The saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words, but these days, a picture with words is Internet gold. If you want to express yourself online for a cause, or for fun, it's worth playing around with image macros.

I made the silly VoteCat image above with quickmeme.  It was easy to use, but it's a bummer that once I put it up, I couldn't go back and edit it.  Plus, it wasn't easy to download, until I found a workaround on

My friend, Julie Daley, used Photoshop to create this beautiful piece from one of her exquisite flower photos.

She also made this image with another friend, Tara Mohr, featuring Tara's poem, "Who Do You Think You Are?"

 I like this image that Upwell shared last week in their Tide Report.

  • To share on Twitter: Click to tweet: MT @DeSchutterUNSR #Oceangrabbing is as big a threat as landgrabbing #overfishing impacts food security
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You can view more ocean-related images Upwell has shared on Pinterest.

I made this one by taking a photo with my iPhone (it's blurry 'cause I was holding the ballot over the mailbox with one hand, and trying to take the photo with the other). I added the text with the free Photo Wizzard app, and put it through a filter on Instagram.

What tools do you use to create image macros? Feel free to share links to images you've created in the comments.

Full disclosure: Upwell is a client.

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