Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Water Wednesday: No Shell Blues (Cartoon)

 As I mentioned in my June 21st post, Comic and Video: Ocean Acidfication, before I started to work with Upwell, I'd never heard of ocean acidification. You may not know about it either considering that a study found that the Kardashians Get 40 Times More News Coverage Than Ocean Acidification.

For a quick, cute explanation of ocean acidification, watch this 1:40 video, No Shell Blues.

The good news is, there are signs that people are starting to take ocean acidification more seriously. According to Upwell's Tide Report, Governor Christine Gregoire (D-WA) recently announced Washington state’s response to the recommendations from her Blue Ribbon Panel on Ocean Acidification. Their recommendations include:

  • comprehensively reducing CO2 emissions in Washington and nationally
  • coordinating ocean acidification action across state agencies and organizations
  • enhancing the resilience of Washington’s shellfish industry through adaptation efforts
  • increasing ocean acidification literacy through public awareness efforts

 Had you heard of ocean acidification before? If so, how long have you known about it?

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