Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Quotes: The Power of Stories

 A little inspiration as you make your plans for the week ahead.

"I make my living telling other people's stories, and understand that it is only through story that you build connection. You have to tell the story, so that people feel something. They only want to do something after they feel something." 
 ~ Oprah Winfrey, interviewing Daniel Pink,

"One thing I've learned from the life I've lived: The world can only be saved by one man or woman putting a seed in the ground or a story in someone's head or a book in someone's hands."
 ~ from  A Cafecito Story by Julia Alvarez

"'Media can create the opportunity for masses of people to look at things in different ways; to change policy and behaviors on a massive scale,' explains Berk of the company’s long standing philosophy. 'You do that through storytelling.'"
 ~ Participant Media CEO, Jim Berk,  

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