Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Water Wednesday: Australia is an Ocean Protection Rockstar

Good news! The Australian government has created the world’s largest system of marine parks.

According to Upwell's Tide Report:
"Australia has created the world's largest network of marine national parks, protecting an area of ocean the size of Western Europe....The crown jewel of the network is arguably the newly-designated Coral Sea Marine Reserve, which includes a highly protected area of almost 200,000 square miles, the Coral Sea Marine National Park. That makes it the second-largest highly-protected marine sanctuary in the world, and the largest inside any country’s Exclusive Economic Zone."
How cool is that? You can see an interactive map of Australia's network of Commonwealth marine reserves on, and learn more about it on

Image credit: Photo of Australia by satellite from Wikimedia Commons
Full disclosure: Upwell is a client.

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