Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Water Wednesday: Cute Baby Walrus

Woo hoo! Water Wednesdays are back.

Today's photo is a cuteness infusion from Upwell's Tide Report: Mitik the baby walrus!

Mitik is a walrus orphan who was flown from the Alaska SeaLife Center to a new home at the New York Aquarium. Mitik is safe and sound, but the New York Aquarium needs help to repair the damage it suffered in the storm

Upwell created a timeline of Mitik’s story that you can view and share:

Amplify this: Share Mitik’s Story on Facebook or on Twitter: Meet Mitik. He’s a moustached New York baby who made it through #sandy. He needs your help.

You can also learn more about this cutie-patchootie here:

Full disclosure: Upwell is a client.

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